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Submit details of the purchase contract draft (web form)

Submit details of the purchase contract draft (PDF form, only in German)

Information sheet for sellers

Buying & Selling

We support you in all transactions relating to your property, from large portfolio transactions and property development contracts to private house sales.

When buying or selling property, considerable economic values are at stake. This is why the law requires the involvement of a notary in this context. Before the notarisation or notary’s office advises you on all legal issues relating to the sale or the purchase of property and its financing. After notarisation, we take care of the smooth and risk-free execution of your purchase contract. Your contract will contain provisions on the following issues, among others:

  • Securing the buyer and seller when it comes to the payment of the purchase price and transfer of ownership

  • Liberation of the property from encumbrances

  • Consequences of possible property defects

  • Transfer of possession, benefits and encumbrances

  • Allocation of development charges and other costs

With us you may expect a comprehensive advise on your individual situation. For instance, we help you making the choice of acquisition form or advise you with regard to possible interdependencies with inheritance and matrimonial property law. We examine the special features of participating companies, including international aspects, and have acquisition companies entered in the company register.

Would you like to request a purchase contract? You are welcome to send us the required information using the following form. 


See purchase agreement form


Of course you can also simply call us or send us an e-mail.

Further real estate matters

We advise you on all other issues relating to your property, such as gifts, usufructuary and residential rights, the creation or cancellation of mortgages, land charges or servitudes. We offer customised solutions for the division of your property into condominiums and for property development contracts.


Real Estate

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