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Starting a family is among the most important decision of a lifetime. The type of personal and legal commitment (e.g. by entering into a marriage) that people want has changed and is more diverse today than in the past. It often deviates from the traditional marriage and family model on which the default legal regulations are based.

You can organise the legal consequences of your marriage, partnership and family and tailor them to your joint needs. To this end, we provide advice before you enter into marriage, during the course of your partnership and also in the event of arrangements in the separation phase.

Our advice and notarisation services include, but is not limited to:

  • Marriage Contracts/ Prenuptial agreements

  • Arrangements in the non-marital partnership

  • Separation and divorce settlements

  • Adoptions

  • Declarations on parenthood and parental care

  • Alimony arrangements

  • Declarations on name and personal status

We act as impartial counsellors for all parties involved. We help you to avoid or resolve disputes together. Take advantage of our expertise and talk to us about the effects of family law on your inheritance or your business!

See marriage contracts form
See divorce settlement agreement form

Marriage and Family

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